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Welcome To Route Five International Inc.
If you are looking for a strategic partner that can help you drive business growth then we invite you to talk to us. We are an international consulting and training company with a unique approach to helping our clients express their potential.

Your marketing and sales process (what we call "market engagement") is the revenue generation engine of your company. No other functional area does this - in fact, all other departments spend financial resources. The effectiveness of this process is critical to the success of your orgainzation.

Marketing is about generating awareness and demand, and sales is about managing relationships. Your sales team is the point of human contact of your company with the marketplace. We think that is an important insight. Seeing these functional areas as related parts of the same process is key to optimizing performance.

What does RFI do ?
In practical terms our focus is to help our clients grow by winning new customers and penetrating new markets. It is how we do this that sets us apart. We take an integrated approach to the three key aspects of performance:

1) Strategy - ensuring that you understand your own competitive advantage and have a powerful value proposition for your business (many firms don't).

2) Process - enhancing your marketing or sales process to drive profitable business growth.

3) Human Performance - helping your leaders, managers, and staff express their potential through the right knowledge, skills, and attitude to excel in their roles.
We often get asked the question, "Is RFI is a consulting (strategy and process) or a training (human performance) Company? The answer is yes.

In the last 13 years we have helped over 40 companies get better results from their market engagement teams and each of these success stories has started with a collaborative discovery conversation. If you're interested in winning new customers or penetrating new markets and empowering your people in the process, then we would be delighted to speak to you. We're here to help.

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Who You Are
Expressing your true potential has always been your goal. You seek to find and express the essence of your uniqueness as an organization and individual – that is the secret to how you can create value for your clients.

Why You Are Here
You are looking for special strategic insights and ideas that are not the typical fare of consulting firms – ways to help you achieve competitive advantage and growth –even in tough times.

How We Can Help
We are not traditional strategic thinkers – we like to explore uncharted ground and that means sometimes taking our clients outside their comfort zones but that’s where breakthroughs in performance can occur. We offer an integrated suite of services designed to give you the support you need to go where your heart is saying you belong. It’s a shared journey that we would like to take with you.


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