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Is Your Business an Adventure?

Welcome to Route Five International Inc. We are a boutique consulting and training company specializing in business development and executive performance. We help our clients grow by winning new customers and penetrating new markets and we help people grow by inspiring personal leadership and ownership of results. What sets us apart from other firms is how we go about helping our clients unlock and express more of their potential.

We offer an integrated suite of services based on the three key elements of performance - Strategy, Process (Consulting), and People (Training). Put another way, we help organizations clarify and communicate their competitive advantage and value to others then we help sales people sell that. We teach key skills for personal and organizational success including Leadership and Teambuilding, Executive Presentation Skills, and Negotiating.

Breakthroughs in performance come from doing things differently, not maintaining the status quo. We are business pathfinders and we function as guides for our clients to help them develop new strategies and skills that can lead to greater organizational success. Our programs are innovative, our approach is collaborative, and our results are measurable.

We believe that business should be an exciting and rewarding experience that generates financial success while ethically improving the quality of life in our society. Our umbrella promotional theme "The Adventure of Business™" captures our philosophy of creating employee and customer engagement and success by having a purpose, getting outside your comfort zone, thinking creatively, and challenging barriers to growth.

5 Questions to Improve Business Performance

1) Do Your Results Reflect Your Potential? If your answer to this question is "no" then you need to ask yourself - what is in the way? We can help.

2) Do You Have a Purpose and a Plan? Having a vision and mission for your business is good but the key to enrolling others is to have a purpose. What is yours?

3) Is Your Strategy Working? Do you really understand your competitive advantage and value to others? Is what you are doing getting you where you want to go? How do you know?

4) Is Your Marketing and Sales Process Driving Strategic Growth? Market engagement is the tactical key to your strategic success - are you  looking at share of market or share of opportunity? What are you not doing that can make a difference to performance?

5) Are You Developing Strategic New Business Relationships?
Getting more business from existing customers is performance - winning new customers is growth. Do you have a healthy balance of both?
In the past 13 years we have helped over 40 companies improve performance and each of these success stories has started with a collaborative discovery conversation. If you are looking for a strategic partner that can help you drive business growth while empowering your leaders, managers, and people then we would be delighted to speak to you. It's what we do.

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Client News

"Thank you for leading the Intelligent Selling session at the 58th Annual Conference and Showcase. Your presentation was thought provoking and addressed issues that are important and relevant to economic developers. Feedback from the delegates has been extremely positive. Thank you again for your efforts."

Heather Lalonde
Chief Executive Officer
Economic Developers Council of Ontario

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